Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten Supplies every new scrapbooker needs!

1. Trimmer - don't try to cut those photos or paper with scissors, you'll have get it straight.

2. Adhesive - you need one that will hold heavy paper but won't be so sticky that you can't change your mind and move it.

3. Adhesive - you also need one that is super sticky and will hold buttons and the thickest of paper.

4. Cardstock - if you buy no other paper you can make beautiful scrapbook pages with cardstock alone, it also makes an excellent base for your pattern paper.

5. Scissors - you will need them for smaller cuts, to cut embellishments, ribbons, flax, etc. Tip: Have a separate pair that you tie a bow on that you ONLY USE for ribbons, they'll stay super sharp.

6. Idea Book - it's easy to feel overwhelmed when you are first starting out. Why not give yourself a head start and have a book which tells you step by step how to put together beautiful layouts.

7. Pattern paper - although you can do a layout completely with cardstock, you don't have to! Pattern paper adds so much to your layout that it alone can be your decoration.

8. Distressing tool - I use a foam tool with has a handle, distressing is a great way to make your pattern papers pop off the page and also not blend in together or look too busy.

9. Ink - Dark brown is the most versatile ink for distressing but it doesn't hurt to have some black and a few other colors too.

10. Album - You need some place to display all those fun pages you are going to make!

So, that's it. Now if you are saying that you have all these supplies but still need help, call me or email me and let me see how I can help you. The info is all at the top of my blog!

If you don't have all these supplies and are excited and ready to go, click on the links and check out my online store to see what you have to have. If you're still nervous, go play with Studio J for free and practice scrapbooking VIRTUALLY! You may fall in love with digital scrapbooking instead.

If you want everything above but don't have unlimited money, how about becoming a consultant instead and get a lot of that for discounted prices or even FREE! Sign up right here and I'll be your number one supporter in your new business. Now go start scrapping!

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