Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy National Scrapbooking Month

As you know, for National Scrapbooking Month we are offering the new consultant kit for just $65. With shipping and tax it's been running about $83. I have seven new team members so far with more signing up this week. What I'd like to know is WHY NOT YOU?

What is keeping you from getting in on this deal? You have a chance to get $250 - $300 in products for your $65 plus you will have a 22% discount off from all of our products until September 30th EVEN IF you don't put in an order until that last day.

Are you worried about making a minimum? Don't! Like I said, you don't even need to put in an order until Sept. 30th and even then, you don't have to put in an order (but why wouldn't you want the discount so I bet you will).

Did you know that you don't have to do home parties to be a consultant? One option is to just pass a catalog around to your friends. Another is to buy all the products for yourself (at the discount, of course) and just be a hobbyist consultant. You are also welcome to just have an occasional workshop on your home or even a crop and again, just pass the catalog.

If you do want to make money at this position I can help you. I know how to do it and I WILL HELP YOU every step of the way to run your business in the most effective way to get you profit and free products (and even awards)!!

So, what do you think? Is it getting easier to make the decision? I promise there is no Close to my Heart police that will come after your kit if you never buy a single thing (but again, why not take advantage of your big discount)! It's easy to sign up, you just need to fill out THIS FORM.

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