Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Consultant Kit

I was asked to make up some artwork for a silent auction so this is what I came up with, a new consultant survival kit. I just love Sophia paper and it was so fun to alter all these items. If you'd like to try out this paper too, find it here.

This is an altered pocket calendar, just $1.00 at the dollar store. Take out the cover that comes with it, use it as a pattern, restaple and you have a beautiful replacement.

I found this notebook at Michael's for a buck. The colored background matched Sophia paper so all I had to do was add a new front.

Here's a nametag already for the person's stamped name. A simple nametag holder was all that was required. I measured it and made an insert.

This cute pen matched the colors perfectly. I actually took apart the box it was in, covered it with paper and then folded it back together again.

This was a little more expensive at Michael's maybe seven or eight dollars but worth it. It was actually better to glue the strips of paper right to the center insert instead of trying to do it all in one piece.

You've seen me decorate Hershey nuggets often in posts on my blog. They always turn out well, throw them in a plastic bag and add a topper and you're done!

Our recipe box is cute as anything, all white and ready for decoration. It even has a magnetic closure. I decorated the outside with paper, ribbons, buttons and chipboard.

This particular box is used not for recipes but for the new consultant's contacts.

Inside I added index cards and made dividers to keep them alphabetized.

A dollar store clipboard is easily decorated with a bit of paper, ribbons and buttons. Make sure it's glued down with a strong adhesive. I used liquid glass.

When someone books a party the new consultant can give them this, it contains invitations, booklets about what a great opportunity it is to sign up for Close to my Heart, some order forms and some treats. I also would give this with some brand new catalogs.

A hostess always gets a gift for doing a party. Here's one which contains a handwritten, handmade card, a mini stamp set and a treat.

Once done the whole kit looks like this!! Love that Sophia paper. By the way, this only took about eight hours to do. Now off it goes for charity.


  1. This is the neatest thing EVER! What new consultant wouldn't want that...or even the Kits for party bookings. I love all the ideas you give!

  2. This is fantastic! You are so creative and inspirational :)

  3. These are all amazing. Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  4. Beautiful work - you've thought of everything!

  5. Okay, if I wasn't already a consultant it would be a thrill to sign up with you! The presentation of product is AMAZING! TFS
    mind if I C.A.S.E. it?

  6. OMG This is Fabulous! You are the Queen!