Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis the Season to Sparkle - Christmas Card a Day

When I saw this saying on the Holiday Wishes stamp set (our special last month), I was thrilled because I love sparkles! This is such a fun but simple card. I had an image of candy canes in my head today and was going to go with red and white stripes but saw this pretty honey cardstock and just went with the traditional green, red and gold colors instead. As you can see, I love the white daisy die cut cards so here they are again. I cut the stripes (and you could use any color) out of cranberry, New England ivy and honey cardstock. They measure 1/2" by 5 1/2 " long EXCEPT for the piece inside the card which measures 2" by 5 1/2".

Attach the strips starting at the top of the card and spreading out so they are about 1/8" apart from each other. (I didn't distress this time because I wanted the white to be very stark as a part of the pattern on this card). Five fit on the front.

Attach the 2" strip inside the card and layer a red and green inside on top of the honey cardstock.

It should look like this when you close it. (Please excuse some of the blurry photos).

Stamp "Tis the Season to Sparkle" on the honey cardstock strip using cranberry ink.

Now have fun and add our sparkles! Groups of three always work well but you can go wild too!

See how easy that was? If you want the supplies for this card, just click on the links. If you would like the Holiday Wishes stamp set (no longer available through CTMH), I have some that I will sell during December only for just $10.00! Just email me!

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