Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gift - Christmas Card a Day!

Before I start my last Christmas card tutorial I'd just like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog these past 20 days. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I've been so excited about making a stair step card as the final card of my 20 days of cards. I am using the Wonderland paper but in a new way, concentrating on the spring iris color in the paper, a pretty lilac-y color. Even though we've barely had an snow in Michigan this winter, we will so here's a Christmas card with an emphasis on snow!

To make a stair step card you need to cut a piece of hearty cardstock 10 1/2" by 5", this is spring iris cardstock and I distressed with crystal blue ink. Put your paper in the trimmer the long way to score at the 1 1/4", 2 1/2", 4 1/4", 6" and 8 1/4" marks. I find that putting the card together while it's still flat works for the most part so don't feel that you have to fold it yet.

Some people don't put pattern paper on the back side of the "stairsteps" but I do, I like it to look great from all sides. Working bottom to top you need to cut pattern paper TWO EACH 1" by 4 3/4" (for the first step) , 1 1/2" by 4 3/4" (for the second step), 2" by 4 3/4" (for the third step). Glue them down.

Now on the bottom (first step) stamp the hat border from the Bundled Buddies stamp set in spring iris ink. Since the border is short you need to use the masking technique to finish the border. On a separate piece of paper, stamp the hat border again and cut out around the right hand half of that stamped piece. Using temporary glue, tack it down right on the image you stamped on the actual card. Now stamp again over this "mask" to finish up the border. Remove the mask.

Here's the finished look, you can hardly tell that the stamped image is actually two stamped images.

Using the Christmas Love stamp set, stamp on a piece of white daisy cardstock you've cut 2" by 3" in crystal blue ink. If you want to make the present on the stamp a different color you could:

a) use the masking technique

b) bend your stamp around the edge of the block so that you stamp only the words stamp in crystal blue, then put the present on the block and wrap the words around the side so they don't stamp and stamp the present in spring iris.

c) stamp the whole phrase on present and words in crystal blue and then on a separate piece of white daisy cardstock stamp the present in spring iris, cut out and glue on top of the blue one on your card.

Use some glue and prisma glitter to decorate the present and make it shine! Add it to a piece of spring iris cardstock you've cut 2 1/4" by 3 1/4", don't forget to distress.

On the second step, add a pretty sheer purple ribbon across the card, make sure to glue it down tight in the back of the step too.

Add your stamped present piece to the right hand side of the step. I used glue dots to hold it securely. Make sure to leave the top inch or so unglued so it stands up.

Decorate the bottom step with bitty sparkles. Add a big bow to the left side of the ribbon border. I tied it first out of separate ribbon then glued it down with liquid glass.

Using the Snowflakes stamp set, stamp the smaller snowflakes using twilight, spring iris and twilight inks.

Using your Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, cut out an assortment of snowflakes using spring iris and white daisy cardstock. Decorate and attach one big snowflake and layer the rest around it.

Use the Snowflakes set to stamp in spring iris and crystal blue inks on the white snowflakes and let some of them stand above the step. Try not to let any go off the side or it may be hard to put into an envelope (the bow can be folded around the back of card when mailing). Once everything is ready you can fold the card like steps so it all stands up!


  1. Oh MY!!!! You defianately outdid yourself with this one! Absolutely beautiful. Now I have to try it! :D Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and tutorials this month! It has been lots of FUN!! :D