Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hawaii - Day Eight (The Recovery)

Needless to say, after the kayaking trip earlier in the day we were in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. After taking long hot showers and changing into some not-so-muddy clothes we headed off to Pink's Champagne Bar. We met up with friends and ended up playing a music and movie trivia game that was going on. (photo by Noreen Petty)
We tried some of the infused vodka's the bar made. We loved the bartender there who would make any combination of drink we asked for! (photo by Noreen Petty)
Here we are playing the trivia game. It was really hard! The guy would play some music from a movie and we'd have to answer all sorts of questions about it. The cool thing is, we won!!!
Later that evening we had reservations for the Teppanyaki restaurant. We were thrilled to see almost everyone in the room was a consultant! It was like a big party! (photo by Michelle Nist)
While you waited for them to start you could make origami objects! (photo by Michelle Nist)
You can tell we were so happy just to be someplace warm and dry! (photo by Michelle Nist)
At Teppanyaki, you get your own chef who does all sorts of tricks and entertaining while making your meal. (photo by Michelle Nist)
One of the things we had to do was to try and catch cooked egg in our mouths. I'm happy to report I was able to do it! Despite the surprises of the day, it was my favorite day of the trip. (photo by Michelle Nist)


  1. Keep the photos coming. I am loving every minute of your trip. My favorite photo of you and your hubby is the sixth picture on this post.