Friday, April 6, 2012

Hawaii - Day Five

On day five of our trip to Hawaii, the Pride of America sailed overnight to get to the other side of Maui.
This was the scene from our balcony as we came into Maui. This was definitely an island for which you needed to rent a car.
We bought a snorkeling excursion since we enjoyed snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands last year. This one was much different in so many ways. First of all, we got to go out to Molokini on this awesome boat (boy, was I glad I'd been taking seasick medication for a week). The guys who ran the excursion were fantastic, funny and tried to remember all of our names. We were served breakfast including homemade cinnamon rolls. They helped fit us for our gear and really went above and beyond on customer service.
I was determined to not leave Hawaii unless I saw a whale and this was the day when it happened. There were whales everywhere. Unfortunately you never know when they'll pop up so my photos don't catch how close some of them were to the boat and how we saw them breaching. They were traveling in groups of three for the most part, a mother and baby and their "escort" who was not normally the father but a whale hoping to mate with the mother the next season. Strange, huh?
Michelle Nist, my longtime friend and upline, her mom, Lil, and sister, Jennifer, joined us on teh excursion. Don't we look cute in our wetsuits? Once we got to Molokini it was time to go snorkeling. The boat actually opened up on the side so we could slide right into the water and climb back up when we were done. I can't say the fish were as amazing as they were in the Galapagos but they were very pretty and I followed a sea turtle for about 15 minutes, wonderful!
After our snorkeling was over we went to see a Banyan Tree, this is a tree that takes up an entire city block. It's my understanding that the tree will wrap itself around other trees and when they die, drop it's roots right down. It looks like an entire large group of trees because there are tree trunks and roots everywhere but it's all one tree.
I was told by my friends, Judy and Sue, that I have to have shave ice while in Hawaii. Well, they were right, it's sooooo good and not like a snowcone at all. We had it twice but we could have truly had it every day!
Yes, there are scrapbookers in Hawaii and they have scrapbook stores too! This one was very oriented to tourists, almost everything in there was about Hawaii so you could buy to make an album of your trip.
When we returned to the ship this little elephant was waiting on our bed, each day our cabin steward would leave us towels in the shape of an animal
That wasn't the only gift either. Close to my Heart gives us a present every single day. This was the purse from the first day! Each gift come with a poem too!
Also in our cabin that day was this plate of chocolate covered cherries, we were so pampered!

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  1. How exciting to see whales! That is on my bucket list. That tree is something and it was great that you got to go to a scrapbooking store.