Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hawaii - Day Four

On our fourth day in Hawaii, second day on the ship we sailed to Maui overnight. Mark and I spent some time at the pool that day because the area right off from the port wasn't that interesting to walkers. We knew we'd be seeing the island later that evening at the luau so we explored the ship and rested in the sun. That evening we headed to the Old Lahaina Luau with some friends. The luau is right next to the beach and it was a great place to take some photos.

The drink of Hawaii seemed to be a mai tai everywhere we went. They served them from the moment we arrived. They had lots of pretty Hawaiian men and women greeting us with leis and we had a great waiter. Everyone was friendly.
We heard before we went that this was one of the best luaus in Hawaii and we were definitely satisfied by the food and the show. (photo by Chris Hill)
As is typical at a Hawaiian luau, they cook a pig all day long and make a big deal out of bringing it up from being buried in coals all day. (photo by Chris Hill)
The place was really huge with tons of people there, about eight people fit at a table. (photo by Rachel Ventura)
Here's just a small area of the luau, I couldn't even estimate how many people were there. (photo by Rachel Ventura)
We'd heard bad things about the food at a luau but we were pretty pleased with the variety and taste. (photo by Chris Hill)
Doesn't this look yummy? (photo by Rachel Ventura)
Once dinner was over, the entertainment started. This was exactly what we expected to see, lots of dancing, girls doing the hula and men banging on drums! (photo by Rachel Ventura)
There were so many costume changes, I wasn't sure where they even changed at, it happened so fast and so often! We did get a kick out the coconut bikini tops. You could actually buy them in different sizes (no I didn't)! (photo by Chris Hill)
Here's a picture of us at our table, thanks to Louise, Barb and Chris for the fun conversation! (photo by Brianna Bostick)

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