Friday, April 27, 2012

Hawaii - Day Nine

The last "official" day of the cruise was Friday, March 9th and it wasn't lost on me that we'd be going home the next day.  I was really loving having my room cleaned everyday and not having to cook or wash dishes!   We were still in Kauai but in a different part of the island.  We had to take a bus to get into the town but didn't stay long because it was drizzling.  Even though it rains almost every day in Hawaii, this was the first day when it really affected our fun.  We went back to the ship after a short time and were greeted, once again, by a towel sculpture and dish of candy!

Isn't it cool that they wrote "aloha" in chocolate?

We relaxed most of the day and then attended the business meeting and final party for Close to my Heart that afternoon.  The business meeting was especially fun for me as I love hearing the whys of the decisions that Close to my Heart makes and other "inside" information!   I did find out that I was in the top four people in Studio J sales that day.  It's so funny considering I was so anti-digital scrapbooking and now I just love it.  After the meeting we all played a game and then gathered in the lobby of the hotel for the "class" picture.  This photo was all the first time cruise earners.

This picture was all the cruise earners and their guests and yes, the staircase reminded me of Titanic.

Before we went off to the reception I snapped a few pictures of the decorations in the lobby, pretty cool, huh?

Here's the view from the top of the staircase.

I don't have any photos from the reception because about 15 minutes into it, the ship hit really awful weather, we later found out it was a storm that had caused some tornados on one of the smaller islands.  Even though I hadn't had any seasickness all week (due to careful medication preparation), it hit me now and I had to leave the party because I was feeling so awful.   I went back to the cabin and slept for several hours missing not only the party but the Napali Coast which I understand is incredible. 

By that evening I was feeling better and I was glad because we'd made reservations at a French restaurant on board.  My husband had a rose delivered to the table before our meal started.

This was definitely the best restaurant on board.  Three people waited on us and because it was a French restaurant they "announced" dinner by clanging our meal covers together, very neat.  The food was awesome!

One of my favorite desserts is creme brulee so we ordered one of them but they brought us two!  It was so wonderful.

We had expected to share the creme brulee and fruit with chocolate fondue but since they brought us each our own brulee we could barely finish the fondue!  We gave it our best shot though.

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  1. My mouth is watering. What an adventure to last you a lifetime.