Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hawaii - Day Three

My cousin is a travel agent and she gave me lots of good advice about going on the Close to my Heart Hawaiian cruise that I earned. One thing she told me was to hold off on boarding for a couple of hours after the initial boarding call. So, we showed up on the ship about 2:00 instead of noon and only waited for a 1/2 hour. One thing I can definitely say about the Pride of America, the crew is extremely friendly. It started with a lei (a real flower one) being given to us when we arrived. I had hoped to get one at some point because I knew they didn't give them when you get off the plane anymore. I actually ended up with 4 leis by the end of the trip, two with real flowers, one made with some kind of nut and one made with beads.
When we got to our cabin we were super pleased! The room was much bigger than I expected and I loved our balcony. There was also this wonderful plate of snacks too!
Mark set out to enjoy the balcony right away!
I was worried about storage but found plenty of room for all of my clothes and belongings.
We had a couch and a desk and room service was part of the cost of the trip so you could actually have breakfast delivered in the morning or order anything brought to the room at any point. We didn't do it but I wish we had.
The pool came with waiters so you didn't even have to go up to the bar to get a beverage, they would bring it to you. All tips were paid before you even got on the ship which was handy! (photo by Chris Hill)
This was the Cadillac Diner, it was open 24 hours a day and served hamburgers and such. Everytime I was in there I thought about how much my kids would have loved it! (photo by Chris Hill)
The ship was huge and I am still not sure how I found myself around! (photo by Chris Hill)
That evening Close to my Heart had a welcome reception. We were given a flower lei and the cutest little "wallet on a string" as my friend, Rhonda says. It was a tiny over the sholder "purse" that fit my money, room key, sunglasses, phone, credit cards and i.d. I used it every day and still use it all the time now that I'm home. During this party my uplines, Michelle, Diana and Sheri all gave me gifts for earning my first cruise. (photo by Rachel Ventura)
They had official pictures taken at the party with our cruise logo and sent them to us just the other day, thanks Close to my Heart!


  1. Kukui nuts were probably on your lei, Barbra. I had some in one of my leis and found them when we hiked up a mountain to a waterfall. I want to go back one day. The ship looks fantastic . . . SIIGGHHH

  2. Everything looked wonderful and so relaxing. What fun.