Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ghirardelli Candy Box - Cricut

I've been looking forward to getting to do this first box on the Art Philosophy cartridge.  To do double duty, I'm also using the exclamation point that you need to cut by hitting the shift key, the font key and the :circle 1" key.  Cut it at 1 inch out of the outdoor denim cardstock.  It's on the first page of the shapes in the book and it's the very last shape on the "circle 1" key.  You will also need to hit the "font layer" key.  Cut it at 5 inches.  You can cut a bit smaller but the wrappers on the Ghirardelli candies are pretty long and need to be folded slightly under to fit so the 5 inch gives it some wiggle room.  I'm using Tommy paper (I love this set) so use the anchor paper for this one.  When you cut these boxes there are little scoring slits in it that show you where to fold.  I usually will hold it up to light to see them clearly before I fold.  Distress with outdoor denim ink.

Though it's very easy to do without my help, you can check out my video here to watch me do it.

Cut the zip strip off the paper for the Tommy set, there are three different ones to choose from.  Cut it in half at 6 inches and wrap it around your box attaching it to itself on the bottom of the box, do the same with the second piece.  Each of them should slid off to open the candy.  Distress them with the outdoor denim ink. 

Since most people throw the box away after eating the candy, let's keep it simple.  Cut out the letters I and h at 1 inch from the outdoor denim cardstock.  For the "I" hit and font key  For the "h" hit  and font key.  Now cut a piece of outdoor denim cardstock at 1 3/4 by 1 inch and a piece of honey cardstock at 1/8 of an inch bigger.  The easiest way is to glue the blue onto the yellow and use your trimmer to just make the slightest edge around it.  Attach the letters and the ONLY glue to the top "sliding" piece with a glue dot or two.  If you attach the "hit" to both strips, it won't open easily.  Slide the un-decorated strip on first and then the decorated strip and you have the cutest candy treat!   DON'T FORGET TO ORDER OFF MY WEBSITE THIS WEEK FOR A DRAWING FOR OUR NEW NON-STICK SCISSORS AND TO BE PUT INTO THE BIG DRAWING FOR THE ART PHILOSOPHY CARTRIDGE!  WWW.BARBRAOTTEN.CTMH.COM

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  1. Haven't made any boxes. Will have to try sometime. Thanks for sharing.