Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hoppy Easter card - Cricut

There's a great card in the new Close to my Heart catalog using the Hoppy Easter stamp set and I just had to do my own version of it.   Here's the problem.  I wanted to use this card (below, center, in gray) which is our next shape and had a problem with it cutting out properly.

If you look closely at the card below you can see that the flower cut outs are more oblong than circular and they just didn't look good.  This is a flaw in the Cricut machines, when cutting circular images, they have a tendency to not cut perfect circles.  The smaller the circular image, the more likely it will not be perfect.  One day I'm sure the Cricut company will be able to correct this but in the meantime it messes up my card.  So......I cheated.  I went to another page in the book and cut out the square card on that page instead.  I'll hope you overlook that one little cheat and enjoy the card below.

Use page 23 in your Art Philosophy cartridge book and cut out pear or sweet leaf cardstock with the "card" key on and the "square 1" key.  Cut it at 4 inches. Cut a second piece of sweet leaf or pear cardstock using the square key only at 4 inches for the card "front." Fold it and then cut out buttercup cardstock at 3 8/10 inches and cut a piece of white cardstock at 3 6/10 inches using just the "square 1" key.  Now I have a Cuddlebug so I decided to use a template that had diagonal lines on it just to add some texture.  You can do this but it looks just fine without it too.  Distress all pieces with blush ink and attach in order to the square card front.

On a piece of white cardstock paper, stamp the bunny out of the Hoppy Easter set.  Color it in using our markers, I used pinks, greens, brown and yellow.  Cut out the bunny.  Find some matching ribbon and glue it around the bottom of the card making sure to fold the ends around the back of the card front.  Cut another piece and tie it in a bow and glue to lower right of your ribbon.  I use a little liquid glass and Tombow.  Attach the bunny with 3-d foam tape

Cut a piece of white cardstock about 2 inches by 3/4 inch and stamp the "hoppy Easter" phrase on it in blush ink.  Distress.  Attach with 3-d foam tape on upper right of card.  Glue whole card front to card base.  Use green glitz gel to decorate the center of the egg and you're finished.  I can't tell you how cute this card is in person, you have to make it!!

Cricut Tip:  One of the tools that comes in our Texture Tools set is a stipple brush.  I never had much use for that until now.  I use it to brush out the tiny pieces of paper that tend to accumulate inside and around my Cricut machine when I'm in a cutting mode.  It's easy on the machine and keeps it clean!


  1. Cute card, Barbra!!! I had problems cutting out circles with the Cricut machine always. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute card, Barbra!!! I had problems cutting out circles with the Cricut machine always. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That card is so cute! Your blog is awesome! So full of great ideas!