Monday, April 1, 2013

Could you really pass it by?

So tell me, if you walked into Michael's Craft store today and on a table, right in the front, was.....

A beautiful scrapbook kit
A mini stamp set
A pack of cute chipboard shapes
A scrapbook idea book
A cardmaking idea book
2 ink pads
A game spinner that you could alter
Seven stamp sets
An acrylic block
The clerk comes up to you and says that they are having a sale, EVERYTHING on the table, a value of $215.00 was going for just around $49.00 plus the shipping and tax so they could send it directly to your house.  
She also says that you will receive a 22% discount off from everything in the store for the next six months and a 10% discount for another 3 months after that.
She adds that, if you play your cards right, there's also a way to earn $25 more free products for every $150 you spend, EACH time you spend it! 
What would you do? 
Well...this is the same offer that I'm giving you for the entire month of April.  There's no catches, no pressure, nothing but brand new products for a VERY low price. 
Yes, you would "technically" be a consultant but it's up to you whether you want to do something with the title or just take the products and run!   If you wouldn't pass it up at Michael's, don't pass it up with Close to my Heart.  

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