Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do you remember?

Hey, do you remember those record clubs that you could join in the eighties? RCA or Columbia always had those inserts in magazines that caught your attention with a promise that you could get 3 record albums for just one penny. They even had a spot where you could attach the penny with tape and send it on out.  Of course, there was a catch, you then had to buy six more albums at the over-inflated "regular" price.  
Well, what if you could be in a club that didn't have a catch, one that laid it all out right from the start, one that still came with free gifts but didn't "get" you in the end?  I have that club for you but instead of record albums, it's all about paper crafting, scrapbooking, stamping and card-making. 
Here's the upfront deal!
I am putting together some paper-crafting clubs and here's how they work:
  • Clubs last six months
  • Each month you purchase at least $25 worth of products from the Close to my Heart catalog
  • One of the months, you will be the hostess and earn a at least $25 in free product credit and a free stamp of the month for that month
  • For signing up you receive a Petite Perk mini stamp set and a free catalog
  • On your month you may gather orders from your friends (if you like) to make your hostess rewards grow
  • You will also receive an exclusive card tutorial from me using the stamp of the month EACH month, that's six tutorials in all!
There are no surprises, you commit to six months of only a $25 order each month and gain everything above!  
So, here's what you do:
1.  Email me at and let me know you want in.  
2.  I will put you in a group of six and assign you a month to be a hostess.  
3.  I will send you a catalog right away (if you don't already have one) and a petite perk after your first order.  
4.  Each month you will either contact me with your order or buy online from my website (more details on how to do that and make it count will be emailed to you).  
See, I didn't even have to do that in fine print!!
So, if you are ready to join and get some great goodies with no catch, let me know before April 30th because we start in May!!!  

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