Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Infomercial

Do you like numbers? Yeah, me neither but here are some numbers that are going to impress you.

How about $174.95 worth of crafting products for just $62.54?

How about $25 + $25 + $60 + $25 + $60 + $25 + $60 + $75 + $25 in free product credit PLUS the ability to buy two items at 50% off?

Yes, that's right, with the Close to my Heart newbie consultant program you could actually get $554.95 in select product credit!!!

BUT WAIT A MINUTE! That's not all, how about some cash????? How about $264.00 in cash too? No, I'm not kidding. On top of the $554.95 in product credit, any two items in the catalog for 50% off, you also get $264.00 in COLD HARD CASH!!

What are the details?

Sign up to be a consultant for $62.54 (that includes your tax and shipping).

Have one party a month for your first three months that makes $400 in sales (and yes, I will come do your parties for you if you don't live too far away). One or all of these parties can be a catalog or online party if you hate to clean your house like I do!!

That's it. That's what you do to get $554.95 in product credit plus two items at 1/2 off and $264.00 in cash. After that you don't have to do anything, it can just be some hustle those first three months and then you're done and you never have to have another party again. (Unless you want to keep going and earning more free product and cash).

What do you think? Worth a try? Email me at or call me at (989) 906-6420 and we'll talk!

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