Tuesday, April 1, 2014

75% off Scrapbooking Supplies!!

I always thought it was funny that people wouldn't sign up to get the new consultant kit when, if you walked into a Michael's and saw a table with all the products below with a stack of coupons saying that you could get everything you see for 66% off that you would jump on it!

What if they added a $99 Cricut cartridge, now your coupon is worth 75% off. You know you'd buy it, wouldn't you.

The reason that people won't take this same offer from me is because they have an image of what a consultant has to do and has to be. I want you to instead look at it as an introductory offer, a try out period.

From now until September 30th you would have every benefit!as a consultant, the friends, the artwork, the training, the camaraderie, the discount, the chance to earn money. Close to my Heart doesn't require a new consultant to make a minimum until the end of the quarter AFTER they sign up, that means not until September 30th. You could choose to sell if you WANTED to, or buy at a discount from yourself if you WANTED to and you still get to keep the whole kit and the Cricut cartridge.

SIGNING UP FOR CLOSE TO MY HEART IS BETTER THAN A MICHAEL'S COUPON!! Change your thinking about all of this and don't miss out on this FABULOUS deal.

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