Thursday, June 5, 2014

Decluttering your Papercrafting Supplies - Getting Ready

I saw a calendar on Facebook yesterday which showed 30 days of decluttering your house and I liked the idea so much that I thought it would be fun to do 30 days of decluttering your papercrafting supplies. 

For years I had a problem with clutter although I didn't realize that's what it was.  Then I discovered the Flylady.  She is an advisor on how to declutter the home so that you aren't constantly finding more and more storage for your belongings.  Her strategies were wonderful and really helped me with both decluttering and cleaning.  In fact, for awhile, I went into people's homes to help them declutter as a side business!

I'm a big believer that when you bring something new into the house, something old has to go.  You have to be a bit ruthless as a declutterer and so for the next 30 days, I know that some of you will have a hard time letting go of things.  There will be such excuses as:

It has sentimental value.
But it cost me so much!
I am going to use it someday.
But my friend bought it for me.

I know it might be difficult, but just like the old saying, "nothing tastes as good as thin feels", I promise you that no piece of paper or stamp set will make you feel as happy as when your papercrafting supplies are decluttered.  So, shore yourself up, set aside 15 minutes each day and we'll start tomorrow! 

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