Friday, June 13, 2014

Decluttering your Papercrafting Supplies - Day Eight

This is another easy day.  Yesterday we sent those eyelets packing in deference to the much better brads.  I, unfortunately, see the decline of brads too though I don't know why, they are awesome!  So I do recommend keeping what you have just because availability is declining.  However, you still must go through your brads and do TWO things.  Check for defective brads, if they are chipped, broken or downright ugly, get rid of the, and by that I mean in the garbage.  Secondly, if you have time, take the rest and divide them by color (not type, not shape, by color) into easy to use and see containers. When you start dividing by anything but color you get into unnecessary sorting.  You will be able to get your crafting done just fine if they are divided by color only. If you don't have anytime left in your fifteen minutes of decluttering make sure you do that down the line.

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