Saturday, July 12, 2014

Decluttering your Paper Crafting Supplies - Day Twenty Two

Close to my Heart just came out with some new markers and I'm excited about them.  It made me think about the markers in your stash.  How many do you have?  How many do you need?   If the answer was "all of them," you may want to rethink.  First of all, do you have both water based and alcohol based markers?  You don't need them both, you know.  Choose a type and get rid of the others.  I like the alcohol based markers because they tend to streak less and blend more.  I have Copics, I have Shin Han (our new markers) and I have Close to my Heart  alcohol markers (our old and retired markers). 

Here's how I look at markers: 

Do I have more than one of the same color?
Do I have markers that I hardly ever use?
Do I have more than one of colors that are very close in color, so close that I don't even use them to blend with each other?
Are my markers in good shape?  If the nibs are wrecked and can't be replaced, dump them.  If the ink is not running freely and can't be reinked, dump it.   If the colors are muddy, no longer pure, dump them.

Do not buy every single color of a brand just because you are obsessive-compulsive about that!  Buy what you need, keep only what you need and let the rest go to someone else!

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