Friday, July 11, 2014

Decluttering your Papercrafting Supplies - Day Twenty One

We've been doing this so long that I am afraid I might be repeating myself but this morning I woke up thinking I wanted to talk about buttons.  I notice that there aren't a lot of buttons being sold in craft stores and Close to my Heart doesn't sell them anymore which leads me to believe they are on their way out.  Having said that, I still love them and I have a lot.  Here's the thing about buttons though, you have to be very careful not to keep them all.  Here are the ones I recommend you let go:

1.  Buttons with backs on them.  These are not meant to be used in your scrapbooks, they are for clothes.  Let them go.

2.  Tiny buttons. I used to use these on the aforementioned paper dolls, they were the perfect size for those mini clothes.  Get rid of them.

3.  Wild colored buttons.  See the picture below, these are examples of buttons that are quite unusual and need a very specific page to go on.  It could take you years to find that page so these need to be in your giveaway box too.

4.  Button colors you have way too many of need to be pared down.  You do not need 200 red buttons.  Keep 100 or less of each basic color, red, blue, orange, purple, green, yellow, pink, brown, black, white, clear, peach and tan should be good enough!  

5.  Button storage needs to be trimmed down too.  You do not need to have more than one container per color, don't divide them into shapes and sizes too!  Sorting like that is for kindergartners, not you.  By color is enough. 

Go spend 15 minutes on your buttons.

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