Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Decluttering your Papercrafting Supplies - Day Twenty Four (the actual post)

Even though I have written a post on getting rid of old idea books and magazines, I'm going to go over it again since I've had many requests.  Let's say you're doing okay on the magazines and idea books but have torn out many pages from those, along with templates and other "instructions" for crafting items.  Before I tell you what to get rid of, let me tell you a story.

I once worked with a lady during a time I was starting a decluttering business way back in the 80's.  She was a substitute teacher and when she went to a school she would use the "ditto" machine (remember that's what we called it back then) to make one copy of each page in the teacher's "ditto" books, so that she had a great supply of quick worksheets to take with her from school to school.  She told me about this and said that she had too many now and needed help organizing them.  So, I went to her small apartment and there they were, everywhere, literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of these worksheets, in every spot of her apartment, her bedroom, her living room, everywhere, there was hardly room for her furniture, just piles, at least waist high, everywhere.

Now, yes, this lady had some serious issues and I'm going to assume that your home does not contain tens of thousands of ideas that you've pulled from books and magazines BUT, the principle is the same.  In her lifetime, she could have never ever used all of those worksheets.  It's the same with that big stack of ideas that you've gathered, you aren't using MOST of them, right?  So why are you letting them clutter up your life and have such a stranglehold on you?  If it's been sitting in a notebook or a pile for a year, time to let it go. Crafting is like fashion, each thing has a season and those ideas you thought were so great are probably already out of style.  Now I don't want you to take more than 15 minutes to go through these, WHIP though them!!!  Fifteen minutes, set your time, go!

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