Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Decluttering your Papercrafting Supplies - Day Twenty Five

So we all love containers, right?  Containers and bags and baskets and tins.  Problem is, the very thing we hope will organize our lives becomes just more clutter.  That's because, as the Flylady says, "you can't organize clutter!"   Nope, you can't, so no matter how many of those containers you have, you will still have clutter. 

Let's start with your scrapbooking bags, the ones you don't use much because you never go to a crop, or you use it but it's in bad shape and you really need to replace it.  The rules for this are very simple, if you don't use it, out it goes.  If you use it on a fairly regular basis, make sure it's in good shape or get a new one.  If you are taking MANY bags to a crop, you need to rethink what you are taking.  ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU WILL WORK ON AT THE CROP.  I can hear what you are yelling back at the screen, "but Barbra, I never know what I'll be working on."  Well, that's because you aren't planning.  We will do another post another day on how to do that.  In the meantime, go through your bags, more than three is really too many.

Now for the rest, the baskets, the wire organizers, the containers galore!  If it's not being used, let it go.  If you have something that will go in it (now that you have less clutter), fill it. When you declutter, whole drawers and cupboards will start to magically appear because you simply have less junk.  This is where you can put your good containers to use.  Don't spend a lot of time on making these spaces look "just right", put the container in, fill it with your "keepable" products and be done.  What does not fit, must go!

Lastly, let's talk tote bags, these tend to collect, especially with companies like 31 out there tempting you with your name on a bag.  In my company, we get a new bag given to us at every event we attend and, I will admit, I have some sentimental value attached to each one.  However, this year I have been slowly getting rid of them unless they are my very favorites.  Tote bags are just like the rest of your containers.  If they only thing that they do for you is look good on a shelf or a hook, then it's time to send them packing. 

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  1. I use 31 Deluxe Utility Totes to organize projects. They hold a 12x12 scrapbook n papers. So as i sort through pictures, papers, embellishments i add the appropriate ones to the project bag. I have one for my beach scrapbook. One for my celebration of generations of family. Etc. Then i use a Large Utility Tote for cutting tools n other tools. When i go to a crop, i take the tools bag n 1-2 project bags.