Saturday, November 15, 2014

30 Page Titles!

I have the most wonderful Close to my Heart team.  We call ourselves the Can't Stop Dreaming Team and we have already done some amazing things including selling $21,000 worth of scrapbooking and stamping products in one month and signing up 78 new team members.  This month we are doing a challenge to come up with list of 30 things that can help YOU with your scrapbooking, stamping and papercrafting!  As we write the lists, we will be posting them on our facebook pages, twitter, instagram, blogs and pinterest!  We hope you enjoy them!  Here's the first!

30 Page Titles

1.  All Weather, Together
2.  Life's Journey
3.  Christmas is...
4.  Love is in the air
5.  Let it Snow
6.  The Thrill of Victory
7.  A day at the Beach
8.  Precious Moment
9.  Dandelion Dreams
10.  Circle of Friends
11.  Friendship Lives
12.  Together
13.  Sweet Treats
14.  I Carry Your Heart
15.  Caution:  Kids At Play
16.  Your Eyes
17.  Our House
18.  Home is Where the Heart Is
19.  With This Ring
20.  The Simple Things
21.  It's a Beautiful Day
22.  Summer Pleasures
23.  Attitude!
24.  A Mother's Love
25.  Cherished Memories
26.  Expectations
27.  Hook, Line and Sinker
28.  The Road Not Taken
29.  Just Like Dad
30.  Born Today

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