Thursday, November 20, 2014

30 Photos to Take At Christmastime

Photos to take at Christmas time by my wonderful team member, Vonnie Ross!

1 each family member's favorite ornament
2 holiday socks loved ones are wearing
3 special holiday cards 
4 Fun in the kitchen making holiday cookies
5 people and pets near the Christmas tree or other decorated areas
6 people reading their favorite books or special holiday stories
7 Holiday sweaters even the ugly ones
8 favorite Christmas stockings
9 everyone enjoying their favorite holiday goodies
10 Holiday dinner tablescape
11 take the camera to church and snap a few photos of your favorite people before or after the service
12 the neighborhood outdoor holiday displays
13 Special interest group - Bunko, Ladies Night Out, Book Club, Bible class, etc.
14 Sports team members - Bowling team, golf team, etc.
15 work friends 
16 family pet(s) at play
17 Carolers
18 children visiting Santa
19 your best friends
20 your favorite neighbors
21 Someone being nice
22 Someone being naughty
23 Secret Santa gifts
24 Outdoor activities, sledding, ice skating, skiing, etc.
25 family and friends laughing
26 Snowman 
27 Snow angels
28 your 2014 gifts before they get broken or disappear
29 a selfie with each relative and friend
30 Your 2014 Mantelscape(s) 

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