Wednesday, November 19, 2014

30 Ways to Shake Up Your Scrapbook Layouts

Here's another "30" post by Can't Stop Dreaming Team member, Angie Higginbotham!!!!

All your pages starting to look the same? Is it time to challenge yourself to try something new? 30 ideas to make your next layout amazing!

1. Emboss something on your page-thought for today, snow flakes!
2. Washi tape- I made the cutest layout with 3 different washi tapes, meeting in the corner, super cute and easy!
3. Use up leftovers- make an eclectic page using up some things you have that are leftover from another page!
4. Use a tool you own that you don’t use very often- how long has it been since you used your crimper? Layered punches?
5. Try a different color than expected! Do a Christmas layout using anything but Green and Red!
6. Find a layout you love on Pinterest and make it work for whatever your next layout is!
7. Walk thru our idea book.  Start on layout 1 and make it work for your pics.  Then #2.  I did this one time and it was great because I got layouts done and didn’t stress!
8. Use ribbon or twine as the star of the show.
9. Cut a large circle in half and punch small holes all around the outside edge.  Tie coordinating ribbons threw each hole so you have a circle of ribbon and slide it under your pics.  Amazing effect!
10. Turn your title.  Make your title run along the side of the page and not on the top or bottom!
11. Do just one photo.  How many layouts do you love but they only have one photo.  But you have way too many photos to just do one picture on a layout! Go crazy and blow up that picture you love and give it its own page. It is your scrapbook remember! You can love it!
12. Use Flip-Flaps! Take that event that has way to may pictures and keep it cool by overlapping your flip flaps to create a book!
13. Brads- Do you have a ton of brads you never use? Make an embellishment with them and feel good about using them again!
14. Quilt layout.  If you have a lot of pics, Use a large square punch to create smaller squares and form a quilt layout with the pieces and matching paper!
15. Cut your pictures! Take a picture and cut into smaller puzzle pieces and layout with a small gap between each piece! Amazing effect.
16. Use an embossing folder to give your paper a special effect!
17. Distress something on your page!
18. Paper piece your embellishments for a page!
19. Use a layout guide for a WOG for a different paper pack!
20. Time yourself and complete a layout in 20 minutes! That will be a big challenge for some!
21. On your next layout, use a Picture my life protector as a layout for a non- Picture my life layout!
22. Use washi tape to cover buttons or brads to match your layout!
23. Use paint chips and a punch to create an ombre look to your page!
24. Use a punch for another reason that what it was created for.  Stack different colors of green snowflake punches to create a Christmas tree!
25. Sew on your page!
26. Use a huge element on your page.  For example if it is a child’s 4th birthday, use a giant 4 as your background element!
27. Use all those leftover pieces of paper to create a corner element to your page.
28. Stamp on your page.  Use a tone on tone or complimentary color and create your own background paper this way!
29. POP DOTS- are great on your scrapbook layouts! Are you using them?
30. My new favorite thing- use your cricket.  They have layouts already designed, don’t even have to think hard!

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