Tuesday, December 30, 2014

10 Papercrafting Resolutions

Did you know that you could make papercrafting resolutions? You can and they are a little easier to keep because they are fun!!!   Here's some suggestions!

1.  Step out of the box this year!  Try something new in your papercrafting.  Lately I've had a lot of fun with wet embossing.  It's easy and fun to watch the embossing powder melt.  

2.  Set a page goal.  How many pages would you like to get done in 2015?  Break it down by month or even by week and go for it!

3.  Buy something new.  Try a new ink color, a pack of paper you wouldn't normally choose or if you are a flat scrapbooker, try some embellishments that have texture!

4.  Are you a cardmaker but not a card giver?  Make this the year you actually send out cards.  Make a list of all the people you love and their birthdays, just for a start.

5.  Speaking of birthday lists, one easy way to keep track is our event calendar.  Here's the link to the calendar.  Here's a link to the way I decorated this calendar a few years back.

6.  Organizing your crafting supplies is something that people tend to put off.  Allow yourself just 5 minutes a day to organize something in your scrapbook room, you wouldn't believe how much you can do in a short time.

7.  Actually MAKE something you've pinned on Pinterest.

8.  Share your artwork this year!  Post it on facebook, start a blog, share your work at crops.  You worked hard, you deserve it.

9.  One of my worst downfalls of my scrapbooking is not getting my pages into albums.  If you are the same, promise yourself that you are going to work on getting those albums filled up.

10.  Negative talk leads to negative thoughts.  This year, don't let the words "I"m not creative"  leave your lips.  Creativity can be learned, it's called practice.  Train yourself.

Have a wonderful New Year!  



  1. haha! good ideas! I thought I was the only one who made cards but didn't get around to sending them!! Happy New Year to you!