Sunday, December 14, 2014

10 things you can organize in 5 minutes in your scrapbook room

1. Your idea books, don't alphabetize them, just get them back into place, turn them all in the same direction, and stick something heavy on each side to keep them upright.

2. Writing instruments, not your collection of markers but your pens, pencils. Get them into a jar or container of your choice.

3. Inks: Luckily most of you probably have less than 50 inks so get them into their container and if you have time, organize them by color or alphabetize.

4. Your desk space: If it's like mine it will take more than five minutes worth of cleaning BUT just spend five minutes and see how much you can get done.

5. Albums: Put them away, get them off the floor, the desk, the dining room table and back onto the shelf.

6. Dust: Run around with your duster or rag cleaning up all of that artwork and knick knacks in your craftroom.

7. Cuttlebug templates or Cricut cartridges: Get them back into their containers.

8. Punches: Another thing you can usually straighten up in five minutes unless you've gone terribly crazy and own hundreds!

9. Adhesives: Get them back to their places, tops on, in cases.

10. Scissors: If you have time, use a little goo gone an get them cleaned, if not, at least put them all in one place!

Good luck!

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