Sunday, March 29, 2015

31 Reasons to Join Close to my Heart in March!


Each day this month I'm going to give you a reason you should join Close to my Heart as a consultant!  This month's special is so amazing!  I can't even figure how Close to my Heart can afford to give away so many goodies but since they are, YOU should take advantage of it.  See the deal below but first, let me show you the twenty ninth reason you should sign up on my team in March!

#29  No Overhead!

When scrapbooking first took off I went to every scrapbook store I could, I loved the big ones and the small ones.  I would go down every aisle looking at each product and soooooo wish that I could own a store like those.

But there was a problem.  Those stores started closing and now there aren't that many left.  It's not because there are less scrapbookers, it's because the overhead on a store like that was enormous. They had to pay rent, their employees, utilities, taxes, and insurance.  Besides that, they had to keep huge amounts of inventory on hand at all times and the big manufacturers don't let those retail outlets buy from them in small quantity.  They couldn't buy just 5 packs of a paper pack, they had to buy 30 of that pack, and the same with all the embellishments too.  What happened was that they constantly had to put items up for clearance and on sale to get rid of it and make room for new products because it they didn't have new products, we didn't shop there!   So they kept taking losses and going into debt.

With Close to my Heart you don't have those worries.  You don't have to carry inventory, pay taxes, rent, utilities or insurance.  You don't have to pay employees either!  You have all the great things about owning your own business without any of the bad things that made so many fail.  Why not give it a try!

Check This Out!!
Thinking about joining Close To My Heart? 

March is the month to do it! 

During the month of March, new Consultants who enroll will receive a FREE shoulder tote (a retail value of over $26) in their New Consultant Kit.

Our New Consultant Kit is just $99 and includes nearly triple the retail value in products and supplies.

 Including your FREE shoulder tote, that is a savings of over $290!


New Consultants who remit $300 worth of commissionable sales in their first 40 days after their New Consultant Kit ships will receive the rolling tote
(a retail value of $149.95) as a FREE bonus (not including shipping/handling)! 

These organization pieces are designed to help you get your business rolling, but they are only available while supplies last, so hurry on over and join today!

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