Saturday, March 14, 2015

31 Reasons You Should Join Close to my Heart in March!


Each day this month I'm going to give you a reason you should join Close to my Heart as a consultant!  This month's special is so amazing!  I can't even figure how Close to my Heart can afford to give away so many goodies but since they are, YOU should take advantage of it.  See the deal below but first, let me show you the fourteenth reason you should sign up on my team in March!

#14  Treating Yourself

This is a picture of my first Coach purse.  I bought it for myself last year as a reward for the hard work I put into a big expo called The Megameet in Novi, Michigan.  The Megameet is coming up again in May and I have already been looking for my second designer purse.  It's something that I wasn't able to afford before I joined Close to my Heart.  Now you may not be into Coach purses but I bet there is something you would just love to buy for yourself, something you can't afford now or won't treat yourself because you're putting someone else first.  Imagine having the money to take your family to Disneyland, imagine buying that piece of jewelry you've been drooling over.  Imagine just having leftover money at the end of the month instead of living paycheck to paycheck.  It can happen.  It takes time, I won't lie to you, but when the money comes, a Coach purse (or whatever you want) is definitely within your reach.

Check This Out!!
Thinking about joining Close To My Heart? 

March is the month to do it! 

During the month of March, new Consultants who enroll will receive a FREE shoulder tote (a retail value of over $26) in their New Consultant Kit.

Our New Consultant Kit is just $99 and includes nearly triple the retail value in products and supplies.

 Including your FREE shoulder tote, that is a savings of over $290!


New Consultants who remit $300 worth of commissionable sales in their first 40 days after their New Consultant Kit ships will receive the rolling tote
(a retail value of $149.95) as a FREE bonus (not including shipping/handling)! 

These organization pieces are designed to help you get your business rolling, but they are only available while supplies last, so hurry on over and join today!

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