Thursday, February 16, 2017

Don't let memories slip away

Have you seen the wonderful movie, Inside Out? It's a Disney film that depicts little characters inside your head, each representing an emotion. They take care of people and help direct them in life. They are in charge of more than just emotions and decisions though. They are the caretakers of memories. Two of the characters are the Mind Workers. They go through the mind of the little girl in the movie and get rid of the old fading memories with a big vacuum. A friend of mine, Blythe Shupe, was telling me about how she equated these little guys to scrapbooking. We started talking about how sad it was that these Mind Workers were getting rid of memories that might have been important. The fact is, not all memories are important but we don't always get to choose the memories that fade. I just turned 56 and I can tell you for a fact that it's harder and harder every day to remember things that happen, not only a long time ago, but also in the near past. There are so many memories that I definitely don't want to lose. Luckily, we don't have to. We have the best memory keeper in the world. It's called scrapbooking. We can capture our memories and preserve them, with or without a photo. It doesn't matter when you start either. It doesn't matter if you are "behind" or if you go in order at all. What does matter is recording the memories so they don't disappear, in your mind or in the minds of your loved ones. Scrapbooking is so much more than pretty papers and bling. It's history, your history. Don't lose it. Set aside time to write down the memories that you deem most precious, scrapbook that memory before the Mind Workers take it away.

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