Tuesday, March 21, 2017

10 ways to get more done at your next crop!

1.  Pre-plan - Don't be the person who decides what to pack on the day before a crop.  A few weeks before the crop, start making a list.  That list will be your guide and you'll find yourself updating it often if you put it in a place you see every day.  Ideas will come to you and you'll be able to add them easily. 
2.  Pair down -  Do not take every supply you own.  Get that idea out of your head that you "might need it".  Let's be real, if you forgot something, about 20 people in the room will have it and be happy to share.  Unless it's your photos, most other things can be found among friends.
3.  Set a goal -  As a former teacher, I'm all about objectives.  What is your main goal for the crop?  If it's a certain album finished or 100 new cards made, write it down.  Post it next to your "to do and to take" list to help yourself stay focused on what you really want to get done.  When you get to the crop, feel free to share your goal with your friends.  It will make it easier if they know why you are busy and will help keep you on task if you have accountability buddies.
4.  Ease up - Once you are at the crop, let go of some of those perfectionist tendencies.  Remember that layouts and cards are about love, not about each detail being perfect.  Go easy on yourself and just choose to do a little less than perfect.
5.  Take breaks - You will not be at your best if your back is aching or your eyes are struggling to stay open.  Sleep when you need to for as long as you want, take a nap in the middle of the day when you need a break.  Can't sleep, find a comfy couch and just chill for awhile, read a book, listen to music.  You will return to your crafting refreshed.
6.  Eat good stuff - I understand that eating junk food at crops is the norm but if you really want to feel energetic, you will want to avoid those foods that are full of fat and sugar (yeah, I know it's hard).  Fat especially requires a ton of energy to digest so you will feel sluggish while that's happening.  Eat lighter, eat healthier and you will be amazed at the energy you'll have at the crop.
7.  Keep it simple - Complicated cards and layouts are for a place where you aren't distracted by music, conversations and noise.  Save those for another time, bring your easier pages and cards to the crop.  Think of techniques that are mindless, like fussy cutting or coloring.
8.  Stay hydrated -  Drink lots of water.  Dehydration makes you tired, hydration does the opposite.  Pop, alcohol and tea dehydrate you so if you are drinking them, drink a glass of water in between.
9.  Be comfortable -  Let yourself be comfortable at crops, no makeup, sweats, and ponytails are all appropriate here.  
10.  Have fun - Even if you blow one through nine, it's okay if you have had a great time with your friends.  It's really what crops are about anyway!!

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