Sunday, April 9, 2017

Do you know what an epiphany is?

I remember the first time I finally understood what the word, "epiphany" was.  I had heard it so many times in my life but had never looked up the word.  Once I got it, I remember thinking of all the times I'd had one.  

Since then, I've had many.  I remember watching an Oprah interview one time and she was talking about how Maya Angelou had said that your face should always light up when your child walked into the room.  At the time my kids were still young and I was struck by that statement.  Was my face lighting up when my kids came in the room?  I knew the answer wasn't always yes, I know a lot of times I was brushing them off because I was "busy."  I changed that day and made up my mind that when my kids were talking to me that I would give them my attention. I still do even though they are adults. I wasn't always perfect but I definitely had become a better mother due to that one statement.

Recently I've had another epiphany.  One of my uplines was talking about the letters MMFS and what they mean.  The letters stand for "Make Me Feel Special."  She said to picture those letters stamped on every person's forehead.  

The truth is, they are figuratively stamped on all of our foreheads. Everyone wants to feel special, feel seen, feel heard.  My new mission is to make them feel that way.

As a Close to my Heart consultant I have learned so many lessons that I believe have made me a better person.  This is just another example.  I will now walk around "seeing" MMFS stamped on everyone's forehead from the clerk at the store to every one of my customers and team members.  

I know that people have a big mental block about signing up for a direct sales team like Close to my Heart but let me tell you that what I have gained from being in this company goes so far beyond cash or a free trip. 

I have made friendships with some of the best people there are.
I have become a person who listens (a big deal for me).
I have become a leader and learned so much from my team.
I have found my heart is much more open than it was before.
I have learned how to write essays!
I have received great joy from helping others.

And so much more (I could really fill a page)!

Close to my Heart is an adventure that's worth taking.  

If you are still nervous about it, please realize that there is no downside, you don't like it, you leave.  

That's it.


If you do like it, it is going to enrich your life in ways you can't even imagine.  

So if you've ever thought about it, even a little bit, sign up for my team today.


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